Kromschroder BCU480 Burner Control Unit

Kromschroder’s BCU480 burner control unit ignites, controls, and monitors gas burners for intermittent or continuous operations. It can be used for industrial burners of unlimited capacity that are ignited by pilot burners. It monitors the pilot and the main burners separately, but both can be modulating or stage-controlled. The pilot burner can burn continuously or it can be switched off.

The BCU480 can react quickly to various process requirements making it suitable for frequently cycling operations. It has an air valve control that assists the furnace control for cooling, purging and capacity control tasks.

The BCU 480 displays program status, unit parameters and flame signal levels directly on the unit. It usually runs automatically but can be controlled manually for commissioning and diagnostic purposes. The BCU 480 is compatible for the BCSoft software.

Key Specifications

  • Intermittent or continuous operation for pilot and main burners
  • Manual mode for burner adjustment and diagnostic purposes
  • Displays program status, unit parameters, and flame signal
  • BCSoft software can adjust burner control unit to meet local requirements

Supporting Documentation
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