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Honeywell Slate Combustion Management System Burner Control and Flame Amplifier Modules

The Honeywell Slate Burner Control and Flame Amplifier modules are part of the Honeywell SLATE integrated combustion management system. The two modules work together and are required for the burner controller to run properly. Both modules can be programmed and customized to meet your application needs.

The Burner Control module controls light off sequencing and flame supervision for your combustion system. It can control fired gas, oil or a combination fuel for single burner applications.

The Flame Amplifier module detects the presence of flame in response to a signal from a rectifying or ultraviolet flame detector. There are four different types of flame amp modules you can choose from: UV Shutter-Check Flame Amplifier, UV Ampli-Check Flame Amplifier, UV/Visible Ampli-Check Flame Amplifier, and Rectification Flame Amplifier.

Key Specifications

  • Provides integrated burner control for automatically fired gas and oil or combination fuel single burner applications
  • Provides 24 to 240 VAC flame safeguard
  • Duel fuel capability
  • DIN rail mountable
  • Designed to mount inside an electrical enclosure as part of a system
  • Used with the Honeywell SLATE combustion management system
  • Temperature range: -20 to 150°F (-29 to 66°C)
  • Federal Communications Commission approval Part 15, Class A

Supporting Documentation
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    • Type
    • Size
    • Document Name
    • Burner Control User Manual
    • 690KB
    • Honeywell Slate Burner Control User Manual
    • Flame Amplifier IR Ampli-Check User Manual
    • 684KB
    • Honeywell Slate Flame Amplifier Rectification Ampli-Check User Manual
    • UV Ampli-Check User Manual
    • 702KB
    • Honeywell Slate Flame Amplifier UV Ampli-Check User Manual
    • Shutter-Check User Manual
    • 703KB
    • Honeywell Slate Flame Amplifier Shutter-Check User Manual
    • UV Visible Ampli-Check User Manual
    • 704KB
    • Honeywell Slate Flame Amplifier UV Visible Ampli-Check User Manual