Fireye SB Series Modular Single Burner Management System

Fireye SB Series flame safeguard control is a compact, digital, modular burner management system that provides automatic ignition and continuous flame monitoring for commercial sizes of heating and process equipment firing any type of fuel. The control unit includes all the necessary digital logic and analog measuring circuitry to control the sequence and monitor the flame of single gas, oil or combination gas/oil burners.

LED indicators on the front panel provide current operating status of the burner system, including lockout alarm. A test jack recessed into the front cover provides real-time reading of the connected flame sensor. It is also used to connect to a remote alphanumeric display. A push button provides reset from lockout condition and places the controller in a check condition for pilot turn down tests.

The Fireye SB is a direct drop-in replacement to the retired Honeywell Eclipse VeriFlame burner control system. See the model selection guide below for a part number crossover.

Key Specifications

  • For gas, oil or combination gas/oil burners
  • Three control modes available: Purge, no purge, and modulation
  • Test mode for pilot flame adjustment and turndown tests
  • Compatible with flame rod (flame rectification), ultraviolet (UV) scanners, and self-checking UV scanners for continuous operation
  • Optional remote LCD unit with reset button displays alphanumeric messages
  • Tested to EN298, UL listed, FM approved
  • Direct drop-in replacement for retired Eclipse VeriFlame burner system, uses the same wiring subbase

Specifications, Manuals, and Supporting Literature

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Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application. Most popular configurations are shown here. Average lead time: 2-3 weeks.

Don't see the model you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626. To convert your Eclipse Veriflame model number to a Fireye SB, just change the VF in your part number to an SB.

ModelAmplifier TypeSelectable
Trial for Ignition
Eclipse Veriflame
Model Number
Fireye SB Series
Model Number
Fireye SB Series Burner Control, 120 VAC Power: Direct Drop-In Replacement for Retired Eclipse Veriflame (Honeywell)
PurgeUltraviolet (UV)5 or 10 SecVF560222AA SB560222AA
10 or 15 SecVF560522AA SB560522AA
Flame Rectification (FR)5 or 10 SecVF560223AA SB560223AA
10 or 15 SecVF560523AA SB560523AA
No PurgeUltraviolet5 or 10 SecVF560232AA SB560232AA
10 or 15 SecVF560532AA SB560532AA
Flame Rectification5 or 10 SecVF560233AA SB560233AA
10 or 15 SecVF560533AA SB560533AA
ModulationUltraviolet5 or 10 SecVF560242AA SB560242AA
Accessories  Modulation Base (Required with Modulation-Type Burner Controls) 49602-40 SB49602-40
Discrete Ultraviolet Flame Scanner, Straight Design49600-90 UV7A4
Discrete Ultraviolet Flame Scanner, 90° Right-Angle Design49600-91 UV7R4
Discrete Ultraviolet Flame Scanner, Self-Check49602-91 UV7SC
10' Cable Required for UV Self-Check Flame Scanner49602-91-7 59-504-010
Flame Rod, 12-Inch with 1/2-Inch NPT Connection  69ND1-1000K4


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