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Fireye MicroM Series Flame Safeguard Control System

Fireye’s MicroM series flame safeguard control is a compact, microprocessor based, modular burner management system designed to provide automatic ignition and continuous flame monitoring for commercial sizes of heating and process equipment firing any type of fuel.

Unlike other flame safeguard control systems, the MicroM is not dependent on discrete components to provide timing functions. Through its microcontroller technology, MicroM includes smart diagnostic LEDs, smart reset function for multi-burner applications, and options for a local alphanumeric display output (ED510) and serial communications via Modbus or E500 communications interface.

A complete MicroM system includes a standard chassis and wiring base, a programmer module, plug-in flame amplifier, and a flame detector. Interchangeable programmer and amplifier modules let you change control function, timing, and flame scanning as your application needs change. Type of flame scanner and the flame failure response time (FFRT) are determined by the amplifier module.

Key Specifications

  • Automatic ignition and continuous flame monitoring
  • Choose from the following functions: relight, recycle, non-recycle, two-stage capability, non-recycle air flow, proof of air flow open at start, purge timing, early spark termination, pilot proving, and cutoff
  • LED indicators show current operating status and display fault as a coded sequence during lockout
  • Compatible with flame rod (flame rectification), ultraviolet (UV) scanners, and self-checking UV scanners for continuous operation
  • Optional ED510 alphanumeric display and communication interface module

Specifications, Manuals, and Supporting Literature

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to build the right model for your application. Most popular options are shown here.

Don't see the model you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626.

DescriptionCatalog NumberAvailability
Step 1: Select a 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz Chassis
Chassis with standard plug-in daughter boardMEC120
Chassis with remote resetMEC120R
Chassis with alphanumeric displayMEC120D
Chassis with remote reset and alphanumeric displayMEC120RD
Step 2: Select a programmer module
Relight function, 10-sec PTFIMEP100
Non-recycle on flame fail, 5-sec PTFIMEP102
Non-recycle on flame fail, 10-sec PTFIMEP104
Non-recycle on flame fail, lockout on air-flow open with flame present, 10-sec PTFIMEP105
Relight operation, 12-sec purge, 10-sec PTFI, reset lockout on line power interruptionMEP106
Selectable recycle/non-recycle function, TFI timing, purge timing, post purge, prove open at start,
8-sec pilot stabilization, 10-sec main trial for ignition, run-check switch
Step 3: Select an amplifier module
UV amplifier, 0.8-sec FFRTMEUV1  
UV amplifier, 3-sec FFRTMEUV4  
UV self-check amplifier, 0.8-sec FFRTMEUVS1  
UV self-check amplifier, 3-sec FFRTMEUVS4  
Flame rectification, 0.8-sec FFRTMERT1  
Flame rectification, 3-sec FFRTMERT4  
Step 4: Select a flame scanner to match your choice of flame amplifier
UV Non self-checking scanner, 3 ft. flexible cable, 1/2" NPT connectionUV1A3  
UV Non self-checking scanner, 6 ft. flexible cable, 1/2" NPT connectionUV1A6  
Ultraviolet self-checking scanner 120 VAC shutter, 1" NPT connection45UV5-1009  
12" Flame rod for gas flames, 1/2" NPT connection69ND1-1000K4  
Step 5: Select a wiring base
Surface mount closed wiring base61-3060
Cabinet-mount open wiring base61-5042
Step 6: Add optional functionality as needed
Communication Interface ModuleE500


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