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Aquametrix P60C and R60C Differential pH and ORP Sensors

Aquametrix P60C8 pH probes and R60C8 ORP probes are low-cost, drop-in dependable replacements for Great Lakes analytical sensors.

They incorporate all the benefits of three-electrode differential measurement. The domed glass process electrode is designed for use in tough applications. The second electrode is immersed in a pH7 buffer that is fully encapsulated in the probe, and protected from the process by a double-junction salt bridge. The resulting true differential measurement has seleveral advantages over conventional probes: ground loop problems are virtually eliminated, the salt bridge is easy to replace. If the internal solution becomes contaminated, you only need to replace the salt bridge and reference solution.

Key Specifications

  • Popular models (P60C8 and P60C8H) normally available from Lesman stock
  • 1.5" NPT fixed threads on both ends of sensor
  • Built-in pre-amp supports up to 3000-foot sensor-to-analyzer distance
  • Replaceable saltbridge for extended service life
  • Flow-thru or submersible mounting
  • Automatic temperature compensation from 23° to 203°F

Specifications, Manuals, and Supporting Literature

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    • Lesman analytical products catalog
    • 3.5MB
    • Lesman Catalog Section: Analytical Instruments and Systems
    • Ten things you should know about pH and ORP measurement
    • 456KB
    • Ten Things You Should Know About pH and ORP Measurement
    • Caring for your Aquametrix P60C8 and R60C8 pH-ORP probes
    • 405KB
    • The Care and Feeding of Your Aquametrix pH and ORP Probes
    • Aquametrix P60C8 and R60C8 pH-ORP probe specification datasheet
    • 399KB
    • Aquametrix 60 Series Fixed Insertion Differential pH and ORP Sensor Specification Datasheet
    • Aquametrix P60C8 and R60C8 pH-ORP probe manual
    • 1.1MB
    • Aquametrix 60 Series Fixed Insertion Differential pH and ORP Sensor User Manual
    • Aquametrix AM-MH538N9A union tee specs
    • 32KB
    • Aquametrix AM-MH538N9A Union Tee Assembly Specification Datasheet
    • Aquametrix STC60L submersion hardware specs
    • 32KB
    • Aquametrix STC60L Submersion Hardware Specification Datasheet

Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application. Click the model number to order in our secure online store.

60 Series Differential pH Sensor, Standard 5-Wire Sensor Electronics
60 Series Differential ORP Sensor, Standard 5-Wire Sensor Electronics
P60C _
R60C _
Body1.5" NPT Threaded (GLI Replacement Sensor)
Sensor Only (GLI Replacement 605IPO)
Fixed Insertion, Sanitary 2.5" Tri-Clover Fitting
OptionsHardened Glass Electrode
Flat-Faced Glass Electrode (Sanitary Body)
Gold Electrode for ORP Sensors

Looking for a probe with a blind two-wire transmitter and 4-20 mA output? Call Lesman for current pricing and availability.

Mounting Hardware and Popular Accessories for Series 60 pH and ORP Sensors

DescriptionModel Number
Submersion hardware kit STC60L
Salt bridge kit for -8 body type, ceramic outer junction (3-pack) AM60-9765
Salt bridge kit for -4 or -S body type, ceramic outer junction (3-pack) C35-17
Salt bridge kit for -8 body type, Kynar outer junction (3-pack) AM60-9765K
Salt bridge kit for -4 or -S body type, Kynar outer junction (3-pack) C35-17K
Union tee for -8 body type, with adapter AM-MH538N9A

Series 60 probes are compatible with Aquametrix Shark multiparameter analyzer/controllers and Shark TX/TXP two-wire transmitters.


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