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Vaisala Humidity/Temperature Transmitters

Vaisala humidity/temperature transmitters are ideal for critical areas and applications where humidity, temperatures, or dewpoints tend to fluctuate. With their patented H-sensor thin-film humidity sensor, Vaisala transmitters can measure humidity at higher temperatures more accurately and reliably than other sensors. A one-point calibration feature saves time, reduces service costs, and ensures high accuracy operation.

Key Specifications

  • Local Display and Front-Panel Keypad
  • Your Choice of Output Parameters: Relative or Absolute Humidity, Dewpoint, Temperature, Mixing Ratio, Wet Bulb Temperature
  • Field-Programmable Output Signals, Units, and Signal Scaling
  • Serial Communications by RS232, 422/485, or Digital Current Loop
  • RH Accuracy: ±1% RH at 0-90% RH; Temperature: ±2% at 68°F
  • Remote Sensor for Fast Measurements in Small Spaces

Supporting Documentation
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