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Honeywell DirectLine Sensor Modules for Conductivity

Effective December 2016, this product has been retired and is no longer available. Please see the Honeywell APT2000 Analytical Process Transmitter or the Honeywell UDA2182 Analyzer for a suitable replacement.

Key Specifications

  • A Fraction of the Cost of Standard Analyzer/Cable/Sensor Configurations!
  • Local Display and Keypad for Easy Setup, Calibration, and Operation
  • Built-In Diagnostics for Electronics and Sensor ReduceTroubleshooting
  • Sample or Auto Buffer Options for Fast Calibration
  • Direct 4-20 mA Output!!! No Need for Dedicated Analyzer or Transmitter
  • Sensor Can Be Safely Removed and Replaced Without Cycling Power

Specifications, Manuals, and Supporting Literature

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Model Selection Guide

Use this table to find the right model for your application.  Don't see the option you need? Call a Lesman sales specialist at 800-953-7626

Description Catalog Number Availability

Step 1: Select Your Electronics Module

Description Catalog Number Availability Price
DirectLine Sensor Electronics Module
For Use with Durafet III, Meredian II, and
    HPW7000 pH Electrodes
For Use with Contacting Conductivity Cells DL423      
For Use with Dissolved Oxygen ppm Probes DL424      
Output Cable for Integral or Remote Mounting
Cordset: 19.7 Ft (6 m) w/Connector, Cable E  
Field Wiring Connector Only F  
Sensor Cable for Remote Mounting
No Cable Required, Integral Mount 0  
No Cable: Conductivity Remote Mount 5   e    
No Cable: Dissolved Oxygen Remote Mount 6     e  
Output Cable: Durafet III Remote, 20 Feet 7 f      
Output Cable: Durafet III Remote, 50 Feet 8 f      
Remote Mounting Options
None A  
2" Pipe Mount Bracket, Wall Mount, DIN-Rail Clip B  
No ID Tag, No Certificates 0000  

Step 2: DL421 with Durafet III Electrodes

Description Catalog Number Price
Electrode Mounting for Durafet III pH Electrode DL1 -  
Insertion/Removal (7774) CPVC Ball Valve Assembly 741  
316SS Ball Valve Assembly 742  
Inline (7777) for 3/4" Pipe Tee 1" Electrode, Remote DL421 Mount 771  
1" Electrode, Integral DL421 Mount 772  
1" Electrode, Remote, Vario Pin Mount 774  
Immersion (7777) 1" Electrode, Remote DL421 Mount 773  
1" Electrode, Remote DL421 Vario Pin 775  
No ID Tag, No Certificates 0000  

Step 2: DL423 for Contacting Conductivity

Description Catalog Number Price
Electrode Mount for Contacting Conductivity Probes DL4 -  
Remote Mount 3/4" NPT Compression Fittings
Cell Constant 0.1 Graphite Construction SX1  
Cell Constant 1.0 Graphite Construction SX2  
Cell Constant 10.0 Platinum Construction SX3  
Factory Use and Special Construction Codes 000 - 0000  

Step 2: DL424/425 for Dissolved Oxygen

Description Catalog Number Price
DL5000 Dissolved Oxygen Probe - Parts per Billion DL5PPB  
DL5000 Dissolved Oxygen Probe - Parts per Million DL5PPM  
Probe Material/Mount (See Note) PVC Probe, Integral Mount, No Cable 100  
PVC Probe, Remote Mount, 20 Ft Cable 300  
PVC Probe, Remote Mount, 100 Ft Cable 700  
316 SS Probe, Integral Mount, No Cable 200  
316 SS Probe, Remote Mount, 20 Ft Cable 400  
Tagging None 00 _ _  
Stainless Steel ID Tag (3 Lines, 22 Char/Line) SS _ _  
Warranty Standard Warranty _ _ 00  
1 Year Extended Warranty _ _ W2  
2 Years Extended Warranty _ _ W3  
Note: Remote mounted 316SS probe available ONLY on DL5PPB models.

Accessories and Replacement Parts

Description Catalog Number Price
DirectLine Replacement Sensor Module for pH 51452682 - 501  
Field Wiring Cable -- 20 Feet 51500270 - 501  
Field Wiring Cable -- 50 Feet 51500270 - 502  


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