K-Patents PR-43-P Pharma Compact In-Line Process Refractometer

The K-Patents PR-43-P Pharma compact refractometer is designed to meet pharmaceutical industry standards and guidelines including PAT, GMP, CIP/SIP, 21 CFR Part 11 and validation.

A complete PR-43-P system consists of an in-line compact refractometer and a digital graphical user interface. The probe is installed in the main processing line or vessel with no by-pass arrangements required. The user interface can be installed locally in the field, remotely in the control room or in both locations.

The PR-43-P user interface has a built-in web server with an instrument homepage that enables the configuration, monitoring, verification and diagnosis of the refractometer via Ethernet connection. The refractometer's calibration can be verified using standard refractive index liquids and a built-in verification procedure, but in general requires no field recalibration or regular maintenance.

Key Specifications

  • Measurement range: 0 to 100 Brix
  • Probe meets 3A Sanitary Standard 46-03 and EHEDG Type EL Class I
  • Probe mounts by 2.5" 3A sanitary clamp
  • Process temperature -40° to 266° F (-40° to 130° C)
  • User interface includes built-in web server with an instrument homepage
  • Full IQ/OQ documentation is available for meeting 21 CFR Part 11 equipment validation standards
  • Meets pharmaceutical industry standards and guidelines: PAT, GMP, CIP/SIP

Supporting Documentation
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