K-Patents PR-33-AC Sanitary OEM In-Line Process Refractometer

K-Patents PR-33-AC sanitary process refractometer is designed for use by original equipment manufacturers and integrators serving beverage, dairy and food processing industries. It is not affected by particles, bubbles, or media color changes.

The PR-33-AC is installed in the main processing line — no by-pass arrangements are required. It is factory calibrated and does not require re-calibration or regular maintenance. The PR-33-AC withstands CIP and SIP processes.

The PR-33-AC measurement is automatically temperature compensated over the whole process range from -4° to 266 °F.

Key Specifications

  • Measurement range Refractive Index (nD) 1,3200 - 1,5300 (0-100 Brix)
  • Process temperature range: -4° to 266°F (-20° to 130°C)
  • Patented CORE-optics module: no drift, no re-calibration and no mechanical adjustments
  • Easy installation in any process pipe; directly or through angle flow cell or Varivent® connection
  • Suitable for CIP or SIP installations

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