K-Patents PR-23-APP Sanitary Flush-Mount Refractometer for Brix and Concentration Measurement

K-Patents' PR-23-APP is used for measuring Brix and liquid concentrations in vessels and cookers. Since it is flush-mounted, the sensor can be used with scrapers and mixers. The PR-23-APP helps control concentration and assures critical product quality attributes. Batch time and quality can be optimized, reducing sampling costs.

Its digital sensing technology is not affected by suspended solids, bubbles or color changes. The sensor is installed through an APV tank bottom flange.

Key Specifications

  • Measurement range: Refractive Index (nD) 1.3200 – 1.5300 (0-100 Brix)
  • Sensor meets 3A Sanitary standard and tested for CIP cleanability per EHEDG
  • Universal calibration of each sensor; sensors freely interchangeable
  • Dual connectivity: one transmitter can operate two sensors
  • Teflon and ceramics in sensor provide safe operation in higher process temperatures (max. 300°F/150°C) for effective heat transfer and isolation
  • Configurable low and high concentration alarms
  • Ethernet connection and remote panel for datalogging and remote operation

Supporting Documentation
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