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Honeywell HercuLine 10260S Medium Torque Smart Actuator

Honeywell's HercuLine 10260S smart rotary actuator is designed for medium torque industrial applications. It was engineered for exceptional reliability, accurate positioning, and low maintenance. Designed for very precise positioning of dampers and quarter-turn valves in the power and processing industries, these actuators perform especially well in extremely demanding environments that require continuous duty, high reliability instruments.

Key Specifications

  • Rotary Torque Rating: 10 to 300 Lb/Ft
  • Non-Contact Position Sensing and Brakeless, Non-Backdrive Design
  • Heavy Duty Gear Train and Diecast Construction
  • Manual Hand Wheel and Optional Local Auto/Manual Hand Switch
  • Programmable and Configurable Functions through Interface Keypad
  • Modbus Communications and Available Diagnostic Information
  • Input/Output: 4-20 mA, 1-5V, Digital Signal
  • CE, UL, CSA Approvals

Supporting Documentation
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Type Description Size
Lesman drives and motors catalog PDF Lesman Catalog Section: Actuator Motors 705KB
Honeywell 10260S PDF Honeywell HercuLine Electric Actuator Solutions for Dampers and Valves Brochure 1.3MB
Honeywell 10260S PDF Honeywell HercuLine 10260S Specifications 244KB
Honeywell 10260S PDF Honeywell HercuLine 10260S Model Selection Guide 11KB
Honeywell 10260S PDF Honeywell HercuLine 10260S Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual 1.2MB
Honeywell 10260S PDF Addendum to HercuLine 10260S Manual 37KB
Honeywell 10260S PDF Modbus RTU Serial Communications Manual for HercuLine Smart Actuator Motors 198KB
Honeywell PDF Honeywell HercuLine Actuators with HART Communications Operation and Maintenance Manual 1.6MB

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