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Honeywell Actionator Medium Torque Actuator Motors

Honeywell Actionator medium duty actuator motors are no longer available. See below for a crossover to the Honeywell HercuLine 2000 and 2001 series electric actuator motors for suitable replacements.

Key Specifications

  • Rotary Model: Torque Rating 25—300 Lb/In, Stroke Adjustable 0.5"—1.5"
  • Linear Model: Linear Thrust to 300 Lb, 150° Adjustable Stroke
  • Timing: 7.5 to 120 Seconds
  • Choice of SPDT Power to Open/Close or 135 Ohm Series 90
  • Ambient Temperature Rating: -20° to 150° F

Specifications, Manuals, and Supporting Literature

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    • Lesman Catalog Section: Pneumatic Drives and Actuator Motors
    • 705KB
    • Lesman Catalog Section: Pneumatic Drives and Actuator Motors
    • Honeywell Actionator Medium Torque Motors Brochure
    • 49KB
    • Honeywell Actionator Medium Torque Motors Brochure
    • Honeywell Actionator Medium Torque Motors Specification Datasheet
    • 863KB
    • Honeywell Actionator Medium Torque Motors Specification Datasheet
    • Honeywell Actionator Medium Torque Motors User Manual
    • 1.2MB
    • Honeywell Actionator Medium Torque Motors User Manual

Model Selection Guide

Need to replace your old Honeywell Actionator motor? Use the table below to cross your specification and model number over to the current available Honeywell Herculine motor series. When you find the model you need, copy the model number, and click the [Get a Quote] button above. Paste your model into the form and we'll send you current pricing and availability.

Retired Model
 Timing OptionsRetired
Current Honeywell Herculine
Replacement Model Number
M640A: 120V Actuator Motor
with Two-Position or
Three-Position Step Control,
160° Stroke.
Replacement has 150° Stroke.
7.5 Sec M640A 11212000-050-150-126-000-00-000000-0-0-00
15 Sec M640A 10222000-100-150-126-000-00-000000-0-0-00
15 Sec2 SPDT SwitchM640A 10482000-100-150-126-000-20-000000-0-0-00
15 Sec M640A 11392000-100-150-126-000-00-000000-0-0-00
15 Sec M640A 12042000-100-150-126-000-20-000000-0-0-00
15 Sec2 SPDT Switch with Limit CamsM640A 12532000-100-150-126-000-20-000000-0-0-00
30 Sec M640A 10552000-200-150-126-000-00-000000-0-0-00
30 Sec2 SPDT SwitchM640A 10632000-200-150-126-000-20-000000-0-0-00
30 Sec M640A 11472000-200-150-126-000-00-000000-0-0-00
30 Sec2 SPDT SwitchM640A 12462000-200-150-126-000-20-000000-0-0-00
60 Sec M640A 10892000-400-150-126-000-00-000000-0-0-00
60 Sec M640A 11542000-400-150-126-000-00-000000-0-0-00
120 Sec M640A 11622000-600-150-126-000-00-000000-0-0-00
M740A: 120V Actuator Motor
with 4-20 mA Input,
160° Stroke.
Replacement has integral
keypad and display.
7.5 Sec M740A 11372001-200-150-126-260-20-100001-1-0-00
15 Sec M740A 10042001-100-150-126-200-00-100001-1-0-00
15 Sec2 SPDT SwitchM740A 10792001-100-150-126-200-20-100001-1-0-00
30 Sec M740A 10122001-200-150-126-200-00-100001-1-0-00
30 Sec2 SPDT SwitchM740A 10202001-200-150-126-200-20-100001-1-0-00
60 Sec M740A 10382001-400-150-126-200-00-100001-1-0-00
60 Sec2 SPDT SwitchM740A 10462001-400-150-126-200-20-100001-1-0-00
60 Sec135Ω Retransmit PotM740A 10612001-400-150-126-260-00-100001-1-0-00
60 Sec2 SPDT Switch, 1000Ω Retransmitting SlidewireM740A 11032001-050-150-126-200-00-100001-1-0-00
60 Sec2 SPDT Switch, 135Ω Retransmit PotM740A 11522001-200-090-126-200-00-100001-1-0-00
120 Sec M740A 10532001-600-150-126-200-00-100001-1-0-00
M940A: 120V Actuator Motor
with Slidewire Control,
150° Stroke.
15 Sec M940A 10002000-100-150-126-015-00-000000-0-0-00
30 Sec M940A 10262000-200-150-126-015-00-000000-0-0-00
30 Sec2 SPDT SwitchM940A 10592000-200-150-126-015-20-000000-0-0-00
30 Sec1 SPDT SwitchM940A 11582000-200-150-126-015-20-000000-0-0-00
30 Sec 2 SPDT Switch, Two 135Ω Pots (Balancing/Retransmit) M940A 12732000-400-150-126-015-20-000000-0-0-00
60 Sec M940A 10672000-400-150-126-015-00-000000-0-0-00
60 Sec1000Ω Balancing PotM940A 10912000-400-150-126-015-00-000000-0-0-00
60 Sec135Ω Retransmit PotM940A 11252000-600-150-126-015-00-000000-0-0-00
60 Sec1 SPDT SwitchM940A 11332000-400-150-126-015-20-000000-0-0-00
60 Sec2 SPDT SwitchM940A 12402000-100-150-126-015-20-000000-0-0-00
120 Sec M940A 11092000-600-150-126-015-00-000000-0-0-00
120 Sec2 SPDT SwitchM940A 11412000-600-150-126-015-20-000000-0-0-00



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