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Honeywell Actuator Linkage Software (HAL)

Honeywell actuator linkage software helps you accurately size, select, and install your Honeywell actuator. You'll save linkage design and installation time and materials.

You'll be able to size and specify process actuators correctly, using a single Windows®-based program, and see clear, concise display of positive valve and damper shutoff data. HAL addresses the needs of architectural engineers, instrumentation and mechanical engineers, and maintenance technicians in manufacturing and process industries worldwide.

Key Specifications

  • Computes Actuator Arm Radius and Load Arm Radius, Linkage Length, and Transmitted Torque Through the Full Travel of the Driven Shaft
  • Suggests Actuator Model for Each Linkage Application
  • Displays Torque and Link Force Curves Through Full Travel
  • Displays Pertinent Information on a Printable Table for Permanent Record-Keeping

Supporting Documentation
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Lesman Catalog Section: Pneumatic Drives and Actuator Motors Lesman Catalog Section: Pneumatic Drives and Actuator Motors 705KB

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