PIECAL 532 Loop Calibrator with Diagnostic (mA, V Signals)

Featuring PIE's dual-action EZ-Dial™ knob for adjustments and EZ-Check™ switch for testing limits, the PIECAL 532 helps you at every step in the process of calibrating 4-20 mA and voltage loops.

Troubleshoot problem loops by turning on the PIECAL 532's Loop Diagnostic Mode to measure ground current leakage from faulty wiring, flooded conduit, and corrosion bridges to reduce measurement error. 

Key Specifications

  • Source and read 0-24 mA; Source 0-24 VDC with up to 20 mA output
  • Display current in mA or -25 to 125%
  • Read 0 to ±30 VDC with 4X over-range
  • Direct calibration 1-5 V
  • Simultaneous display of loop current, voltage, resistance, AC voltage, and operating mode
  • Power on selectable 250-ohm resistor in series with the output for bench-testing HART® enabled field devices

Supporting Documentation
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Type Description Size
Lesman Catalog Section: Process Control Accessories Lesman Catalog Section: Process Control Accessories 2.4MB
PIE to Altek calibrator comparison Comparing PIE Calibrators to Altek Models 2.7MB
PIECAL 532 mA/V loop calibrator with diagnostic specification datasheet PIECAL 532 mA/V Loop Calibrator with Diagnostic Specification Datasheet 150KB
PIECAL 532 mA/v loop calibrator with diagnostic operating instructions PIECAL 532 mA/V Loop Calibrator with Diagnostic User Manual 374KB

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