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Bestobell GSM17 and GCM17 In-Line Thermostatic Capsule Steam Traps

The Bestobell Steam GSM17 and GCM17 are thermostatic capsule steam traps for use in harsh environments. The GSM17 is made out of stainless steel and has a built-in strainer. The GCM17 has a forged carbon steel body and all stainless steel internals with a built-in Y type strainer and check valves. The GCM17 is used when there is significant condense flows that are required on process equipment.

Key Specifications

  • For small process equipment, tracers, and drip legs in harsh environments
  • All stainless or forged carbon stainless constructions
  • Trap can be disassembled to replace thermal capsule or inspect strainer
  • For capacities up to 1200 Lb/hr at up to 250 PSID

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