Rotary and Electronic Actuator Motors

Honeywell's HercuLine rotary actuators feature broad torque and timing ranges, standard end-of-travel limit switches, and rugged enclosures. HercuLine smart electric actuators are engineered for exceptional reliability, accurate positioning, and low maintenance. Designed for precise positioning of dampers and valves, they perform well in extremely demanding environments requiring continuous duty and high reliability. With non-contact sensing, the maintenance problems and unexpected shutdowns associated with slidewires and potentiometer wear are eliminated.

Finding the Right Actuator Motor for Your Application
Not sure which motor fits your application best? Look here to compare motor features side by side.
Rotary Actuator Motors
Honeywell Modutrol IV Low Torque Actuator Motor
Honeywell HercuLine® 10260A Medium Torque Actuator Motor
Smart Actuator Motors
Honeywell HercuLine 2000 Series Low Torque Electric ActuatorMotors
Honeywell HercuLine 10260S Medium Torque Smart Actuator Motor