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Webinar: Simple Solutions for Remote Process Monitoring
Wednesday, April 1, 2020, 9am Central

With so many customers working remotely, our next webinar focuses on how you can monitor and manage your process applications when you're away from your plant, Join our product specialists, A.J. Piskor and Dan Weise, for a discussion of instrumentation and tools that give you access to your data from remote locations.

This 45-minute webinar will cover:

  • Simple tools you can use to monitor your process by PC, tablet, or cell phone
  • Web-enabled recorders and controllers for pressure, temperature, level, flow and liquid analytics
  • Cloud-based applications for monitoring critical combustion systems and furnaces
  • Ensuring data security for remote applications
  • Your questions answered: Live Q&A

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Dan Weise, Lesman Process Instrument SpecialistAJ Piskor, Lesman Combustion SpecialistAbout the speakers: A.J. Piskor joined Lesman as combustion and controls specialist in early 2014 after spending nearly 10 years with our manufacturer partner, Maxon, as a technical sales engineer. Prior to that, he served as a technical sales engineer for a specialty chemical company. He also holds a Bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering and mechanics from the University of Minnesota

Dan Weise, Lesman's product specialist, is our in-house instructor for classes on process instrumentation hardware and software. Since 1978, Dan's been involved in all facts of data acquisition and process instrumentation, from sales and commissioning to service and product support. He's a long-time member of ISA, and has been with Lesman since 1988.

In his words, Dan's the guy "who reads all the manuals nobody else reads". In our customers' words, he's the trainer to call if you want to "cut to the So What of instrumentation" so it's easy to understand.

We welcome A.J. and Dan back as our featured speakers, and thank them for sharing their time and expertise with our customers.