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Webinar: Using Eductors for Non-Powered Tank Mixing and Pumping
Thursday, January 25, 9am Central

Finding a solution to mixing tank solutions efficiently and effectively is sometimes easier said than done. Installing small pumps or agitators may work, but the cost of maintenance and electricity used to power the pumps can be more than what it is worth. So, you still have to combine solutions to get the best results.

In our next free webinar on Thursday, January 25, Clarence Dela Vega of Clark Reliance talks to our customers about how eductors - small, low-maintenance, no power required - can produce consistent results in your tank mixing applications.

This 45-minute webinar will cover these key topics and more:

  • What an eductor is
  • How an eductor works in applications
  • Appropriate applications were eductors can be used
  • Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD) Analysis
  • Application success stories
  • Your questions answered: Live Q&A

Clarence Dela Vega, Clark-Reliance, Eductor Sales SpecialistAbout the speaker: Clarence Dela Vega has been employed at Clark-Reliancefor six years, working specifically with the eductor product line. He started out as an applications engineer, sizing and quoting equipment, and has worked in sales for the past four years. We thank Clarance for joining us and sharing his expertise with our customers.

We welcome Clarence as our featured speaker, and thank him for sharing his knowledge during this exclusive session for our customers.

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Capacity: First 100 registrants each session.

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