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Webinar: Making Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Work for You

In our next free webinar on Tuesday morning, February 25, Gerard Bottino of Baker Hughes Panametrics will talk to our customers about getting the most from ultrasonic technology in flow measurement applications. He'll discuss particulars of instrument selection, installation, and implementation choices that can make your measurement applications perform at their best.

In this 45-minute session, he'll cover:

  • Brief review of ultrasonic measurement principles
  • Challenges of making good ultrasonic flow measurements
  • Best practice for successful performance of your ultrasonic flow devices
  • Special considerations of measuring flow in difficult applications
  • Technology and implementation choices that lead to problem-free flow measurements
  • Live Q&A: Your questions answered

Gerard Bottino, Global Sales Leader for Flow Products, Baker Hughes PanametricsRegister for the webinar
Capacity: First 500 registrants each session.

About our speaker: Gerard Bottino has worked at Panametrics for 12 years, and currently serves as global sales leader for their flow product line. He's a globally recognized expert in flow measurement, based on his 30 years of experience helping customers in industries from process to water treatment, power generation, and oil and gas, with their field measurement equipment. He has devoted the last 16 years dealing specifically with flowmeter applications, traveling the world to support local teams.

We welcome Gerard as a speaker, and thank him for sharing his time and expertise with our customers.