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Glass Level Gages 101

Recorded Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at Lesman Instrument Company

Download the slide presentation (3.3MB PDF)

BONUS MATERIAL: Download the step-by-step instructions for
rebuilding a Jerguson glass level gage (705KB PDF)

Rob Bolin, Jerguson Glass Gage and Valves Product ManagerAbout the speaker: Rob Bolin is product manager for the Jerguson glass gage and valve product lines at Clark-Reliance. Prior to joining Clark-Reliance, he has worked as an applications engineer, focusing on level instrumentation, and has held positions in manufacturing, project management, and industrial sales. He routinely conducts glass gage maintenance training for major refineries and chemical plants across the United States. Rob holds a Bachelors Degree in industrial and systems engineering from The Ohio State University.

We thank Rob for joining us and sharing his expertise with our customers.

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