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Fixed Gas Detection 101: Intro to Fixed Gas Detection Systems

Recorded Thursday, October 11, 2018 at Lesman Instrument Company

Download the slide presentation (1.4MB PDF)

Charles Simek, Honeywell AnalyticsAbout the speaker: Charles Simek has worked in the industrial fire and gas detection safety industry for 30 years, serving as an electronics technician, technical writer, sales manager, business development manager, and product specialist. He has also been a member of the NFPA Building Safety Section for the last 14 years.

Currently, Charles is a subject matter expert on electro-optical flame detectors and is working for the Honeywell Analytics' marketing team for the premium line of fixed gas and flame detection equipment, and is a product and technology specialist. Charles holds a degree in applied science of electronic engineering and received a certificate for technical writing from the California State University in Fullerton.

We welcome Charles back as a speaker, and thank him for sharing his expertise with our customers.

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