Glossary of Terms: W

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Watt (W)
A measurement of real power. The product of voltage and current in a resistive circuit. V (voltage) x I (current) = P (power in watts).
Weighted Average
Controller combines two inputs and computes a PV for the control algorithm.
Weld Field Immunity
The ability of an inductive proximity sensor to function correctly in a strong electromagnetic field.
Welding, Contact
One of several conditions that may cause switch contacts to fail to separate at the intended point of plunger travel. As the name implies, the contacts literally are welded together as a result of the electrical and thermal effects at the contact interface.
Wheatstone Bridge
A network of four resistances, an EMF (voltage) source, and an indicator connected such that when the four resistances are matched, the indicator will show a zero deflection or "null" reading. Prototype of most other bridge circuits.
Wide Area Network (WAN)
A network of circuits spanning a large region which is used to transmit data.
Wireless Fidelity. A wireless communications network conforming to IEEE 802.11 specifications.
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