Glossary of Terms: J

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J-Type Thermocouple
Iron-constantan thermocouple with a temperature range of 0° to 750°C.
Joint Industrial Standards (JIS)
A Japanese agency that establishes and maintains standards for equipment and components. Also known as JISC, its function is similar to Germany's Deutsche Industrial Norm (DIN).
The point where two dissimilar metal conductors join to form a thermocouple.
Junction, Cold
Connection point between thermocouple metals and the electronic instrument. See reference junction.
Junction, Exposed
A type of thermocouple probe in which the hot, or measuring, junction protrudes beyond the sheath material and is fully exposed to the substance being measured. It usually gives the fastest response time. No electrical isolation provided.
Junction,  Grounded
Type of thermocouple probe in which the hot, or measuring junction, is an integral part of the sheath material. No electrical isolation is provided.
Junction, Hot
The thermocouple junction that is affixed to or inserted into the material being measured. Also called the measuring junction.
Junction, Isolated
A form of thermocouple probe construction in which the measuring junction is fully enclosed in a protective sheath and electrically isolated from it. Commonly called an ungrounded junction.
Junction, Reference
The junction in a thermocouple circuit held at a stable, known temperature (cold junction). Standard reference temperature is 32°F (0°C).
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