Glossary of Terms: B

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Background Suppression
The ability of a special set of photo electric sensors to distinguish targets against various backgrounds and of various colors.
Banking Screw
Banking screws - made of hardened steel - provide limited mechanical protection to the inductive sensors buried therein when hit by an object. Advantage: very robust, quick and easy change of sensors.
Basic Switch
Self-contained switching unit. It can be used alone, gang-mounted, built into assemblies or enclosed in metal housings.
Baud Rate
The rate of information transfer in serial communications, measured in bits per second.
Best Fit Straight Line (BFSL)
Method for defining linearity. A straight line placed on a sensor output curve such that half the data points lie above and half below that line. The method for determining BFSL, is the sum of least squares.
Compensate input for drift of an input value due to deterioration of a sensor or other cause.
Bidirectional Differential Pressure Sensor
Differential pressure sensor allowing the greater input pressure to be applied to either pressure port.
Binary Code
This code type is constructed similarly to the decimal system, but has only the digit values "0" and "1".
Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) Code
To avoid converting a decimal number into a binary number, instead of using natural binary code, often only the individual digits of the decimal number are encoded in binary.
An ideal surface that absorbs all incident radiation, regardless of wavelength, the direction of incidence and polarization. It radiates the maximum energy possible for given spectral and temperature conditions. A blackbody has an emissivity of 1.00. See also Emissivity.
The emitter sends a short pulsed signal with a relatively long pause between two pulses. The light energy of the LED can therefore be enormously increased. If emitter and receiver are mounted in the same housing, the receiver is clocked to the emitted pulse. Interference is therefore suppressed 98% of the time.
Blind Range ST
Reliable object recognition is not possible within the blind range (St). Objects within this blind range may cause false switching of the sensor.
To open an electrical circuit.
Break Distance
Minimum distance between separated mating contacts in their fully open position.
British Thermal Unit (BTU)
In specific terms, a BTU is the amount of energy required to heat one pound of water (beginning at 60 degrees F and 14.696 psia) one degree Fahrenheit. An easier way to visualize this amount of energy is to burn a standard wooden match stick. The full burning of the match stick releases approximately one BTU.
Bumpless Transfer
Change from manual mode to automatic mode of control, or vice versa, without change in control signal to the process.
Burnout (Sensor Break Protection)
If input fails, indicated PV signal increases (upscale) or decreases (downscale) with indication on the interface.
Burst Fire
A power control method that repeatedly turns ON and OFF full AC cycles. Also called zero-cross fire, it switches close to the zero-voltage point of the AC sine wave. Variable-time-base burst fire selectively holds or transits AC cycles to achieve the desired power level.
Burst Pressure
Specified pressure that will rupture the sensing element but not the sensor case.
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