Glossary of Process Control and Measurement Terms

A: A/D to Auxiliary Output

B: Background Suppression to Burst Pressure

C: Calibrate to Cycle Time

D: Damping to Dynamic Data Exchange

E: Effective Sensing Distance to Extrusion

F: Fahrenheit to Full Scale Output

G: Gage Factor to Guaranteed Soak

H: Hall Effect to Hysteresis

I: I to ITS-90

J: J-Type Thermocouple to Junction

K: K-Type Thermocouple to Kilowatt Hour

L: Lag to Low Reset Limit

M: M to Multiplexing

N: NAMUR to Null Temperature Shift

O: Object Distance to Overtravel

P: Parallel Circuit to Pulsed Logic

Q: QA to Quiescent Supply Current

R: Radio Frequency Interference to Run Period

S: Sample and Hold to System

T: Target to Typical

U: Ultrasonic to Usable Sensing Distance

V: Valve Positioner to Voltage

W: Watt to Wi-Fi

X: X Axis

Y: Y Axis

Z: Z Axis to Zero Shift