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One of the core values we live by at Lesman is this: Always be learning. Always be improving. So our goal is to do more than just supply products. To make that happen for you, we work with our manufacturer partners and factory-trained product specialists to provide training sessions and reference materials to help you choose the right instrumentation for your process, and get the most out of the instrumentation you buy from us.

From this page, you'll be able to learn about upcoming events, watch replays of our monthly webinar sessions, view short videos from our live trainings, learn more about technologies you use every day, and schedule on-site classes for your staff.

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Webinars and Recorded Webcasts

Did you miss one of our scheduled courses? If you missed a webinar, want to see it again, or want to share it with coworkers, they're all here for you to view or download.

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Analytical Products
2017-Feb-22: Which Concentration Measurement is Best for My Application?
2012-Oct-31: pH 301 - Troubleshooting pH Systems
2012-Aug-15: pH 201 - pH Sensor Technology: Not All Sensors Are Created Equal
2012-Jul-18: pH 101 - Basics of pH Measurement
2011-Jan-18: Improve Your Process with Real-Time In-Line Liquid Concentration Measurement
Combustion Controls and Flame Safety
2016-Feb-18: Fuel Train 101
2015-Jan-20: Combustion 201: Advanced Air-Flow Ratio Control
2014-Dec-09: Combustion 101: Intro to Air-Flow Ratio Control
2013-Mar-21: Flame Safety 301 - Integrated Scanner Technology
2013-Feb-21: Flame Safety 201 - Understanding Primary and Programming Controls
2013-Jan-18: Flame Safety 101 - Flame Safeguard System Basics
2012-Apr-17: Pulse-Fired Burner Control Technology Produces Staggering Results
2011-Dec-06: Industrial Flame Detection for Difficult Applications
2010-Sep-28: Proven Ways to Reduce Costs with Combustion Controls
Control Systems
2015-Oct-13: How to Get Process Data Onto Your Desktop
2014-Oct-24: Safety Systems 102: Safety Instrumented Systems and Sensors
2014-Aug-28: Control 201: Approaches to Process Control
2014-May-29: Control 101: Types of Control, Types of Controllers
2013-Dec-17: Safety Systems 101: Intro to Safety Instrumented Systems
2012-Mar-15: Affordable, Scalable Distributed Control Systems
2017-May-24: Honeywell Smart Transmitter Selection Made Easy
2017-Mar-28: Accurate dP Flow Measurement in Changing Process Conditions
2016-Dec-8: Non-Contact Nuclear Level, Weighing and Mass Flow Measurement
2016-Oct-12: DP Flow Measurement
2016-Jun-2: Using Coriolis Meters for Custody Transfer
2016-Apr-7: Magnetic Flow Meter Basics
2015-Oct-20: Mechanical Flow Metering Solutions
2015-Oct-13: How to Get Process Data Onto Your Desktop
2015-Jul-21: Magnetic Flowmeter Installations: The End of Five Up, Two Down
2015-Apr-28: Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Thermal Energy Measurement
2014-Jun-17: Mass Flow 101: Basics of Mass Flow Measurement Technology
2012-May-24: Non-Contacting Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Technology
2010-Apr-22: Siemens Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter Technology
Industrial Communications
2011-Mar-23: Basics Part 1: The Mules, Rules, and Tools of Industrial Communications
2016-Aug-19: An Introduction to OPC UA Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture
Industrial Wireless
2016-Apr-21: Creating an ISA100 Wireless Infrastructure
2015-Oct-13: How to Get Process Data Onto Your Desktop
2015-May-19: Real-Time, Actionable Information through Wireless Technology
2014-Jul-31: Intro to ISA 100.11A Wireless
2011-Aug-30: Which Wireless is Best for Me?
2011-Jul-19: Industrial Wireless 101
2010-Jul-27: Banner Engineering Industrial Wireless I/O Systems for Harsh Environments
2009-Dec-09: Honeywell and the ISA100 Wireless Standard
2017-Aug-24: ASME Boiler Code Requirements for Drum Level
2017-Jun-27: Glass Level Gages 101
2017-May-24: Honeywell Smart Transmitter Selection Made Easy
2016-Dec-8: Non-Contact Nuclear Level, Weighing and Mass Flow Measurement
2016-Oct-27: Basics of Magnetic Level Measurement
2016-Jun-30: Bubbler Systems 101
2016-May-12: Load Cell Basics
2016-Mar-17: Choosing the Right Radar Antenna for Level Applications
2015-Nov-19: Level Measurement for Small Tanks and Totes
2015-Oct-13: How to Get Process Data Onto Your Desktop
2015-Feb-26: Hygienic Load Cells for Level by Weight
2015-Feb-10: Non-Contact, Through-Air Hygienic Level Measurement
2014-Apr-08: Choosing the Right Level Measurement Technology
2011-Sep-29: Innovative Level Measurement Technology for Dry Solids and Powders
2010-Aug-24: Minebea Intec Load Cells for Accurate, Trouble-Free Tank Weighing
2010-Feb-10: Siemens Level Instrumentation Solutions for Dry Solids Level Measurement
2017-May-24: Honeywell Smart Transmitter Selection Made Easy
2017-Apr-27: Best Practices in Process Protection and Safety Shutdown
2015-Nov-06: Evolution of UE One Series Switches
2015-Oct-13: How to Get Process Data Onto Your Desktop
2014-Feb-25: Mechanical Pressure Gauges 101 (with Bonus Material)
2013-Sep-19: Prevent Cyber-Security Hacking with Instrumentation
2013-May-23: Remote Seal Theory and Applications
2010-Jul-01: United Electric One Series Pressure and Temperature Protection Switches
2015-Oct-13: How to Get Process Data Onto Your Desktop
2015-Aug-25: Replacing Your Paper Charts with Usable Data
Solids Flow and Motion
2015-Dec-10: Belt Scales 101
2015-Nov-06: Evolution of UE One Series Switches
2015-Oct-13: How to Get Process Data Onto Your Desktop
2013-Sept-19: Prevent Cyber-Security Hacking with Instrumentation
2011-May-06: Non-Contact Thermal Imagers for Consistent Product Quality
2010-Jul-01: United Electric One Series Pressure and Temperature Protection Switches
Valves and Regulators
2017-Oct-26: Linear Globe vs Rotary Control Valves
2017-Jan-17: Solenoid Valves 102
2016-Sept-27: Solenoid Valves 101
2016-Jan-19: Back Pressure Regulators 101
2015-Oct-23: When to use a Control Valve vs a Regulator
2015-Jun-16: Valves for Dry Solids
2014-Jan-30: Tank Blanketing 101
2013-Nov-14: Intro to Control Valves for Low Flow Applications
2013-Apr-11: Steam Traps 101: Basic Technology and Applications
2012-Sept-27: Regulators 101: Basics of Pressure and Temperature Regulators
Weighing Processes
2017-Sept-28: Weighing for Movable Tanks and Vessels


On-Site Training Sessions

We've developed a series of seminars and hands-on training sessions that can be run in our offices or at your plant. Courses are taught by Lesman instrument specialists or in tandem with our manufacturer partners.

A brief synopsis is listed below. Click the course name for an expanded explanation.

Introduction to Industrial Communications
Because plant communications can be complicated, this has been our most-requested new course. This overview will cover industrial communications for SCADA, data acquisition, control and configuration.
Industrial Wireless Technology
More than 200 customers have already attended our seminar series on wireless technology for industry. Learn about the different wireless instruments available, how they work, and where they'll fit best in your plant. An abridged version of this seminar can also be done as a "Lunch and Learn" one-hour session.
Paperless Recorders
Paperless recorders save time and money, and make your data go farther. This program covers the basics of working with video recorders and how they can replace your paper chart recorders with a quick return on investment. We can also focus this program specifically on FDA regulations for the pharmaceutical industry (21CFR Part 11). Five additional hands-on training modules cover configuration, user/operator training, maintenance, calibration, and data analysis.
Batch Monitoring with Paperless Recorders
This session provides instruction on using the tools in Honeywell Trendview and X-Series paperless recorder series batch monitoring mode, so end users get the graphical and tabular data they need.
Honeywell UDC Controller Training for Systems Integrators and Service Technicians
If you commission, calibrate, install, configure, maintain, service, or start up Honeywell UDC series loop controllers, you'll benefit from this class. We'll also show you the UDC shortcuts every service tech needs to know.
Honeywell UDC Controller Training for Users
This hands-on session teaches you how to upgrade from one UDC series to another, and how to use features like Accutune III, thermocouple health diagnostics and programming via the front-panel infrared port. Users who bring their own laptop computers will receive demo copies of Honeywell's Process Instrument Explorer software. Course prerequisites: A working knowledge of control terminology, inputs, outputs, and the basics of PID control.
Hybrid Control
Our Hybrid Control seminar covers the basics: System overviews, architecture, hardware, remote inputs and outputs, and redundancy.
Level Technologies
This introductory program will help you understand how to apply the right level technology to your application. We'll cover continuous and point level technologies, as well as what fits best in water and wastewater, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining, cement, aggregate, and bulk solids processes.

Contact us to schedule an event at your plant.

Video Training and Interviews

Click the icon below to watch some of our most popular videos. See our complete list of available videos.

Communications and Configuration

    • See how easy it is to start using a Meriam MFC 4150 HART Handheld Communicator
    • 2:54
    • Demonstration: Using a Meriam MFC 4150 HART® Handheld Communicator

Level Measurement

    • Siemens capacitance point level
    • 1:13
    • Siemens CLS Capacitance Point Level Detection Systems: Unaffected by Material Build-Up
    • Siemens continuous ultrasonic level
    • 4:34
    • Siemens MultiRanger 100 Continuous Ultrasonic Transceivers: Basic Level Application
    • Siemens Multiranger 100 master reset
    • 1:14
    • Siemens MultiRanger 100 Continuous Ultrasonic Transceivers: Master Reset
    • Siemens Multiranger 100 for open channel flow
    • 10:07
    • Siemens MultiRanger 200 Ultrasonic Transceiver for Open Channel Flow
    • Sartorius load cells resist vibration on a high speed mixer
    • 2:55
    • Demonstration: Using Minebea Intec Load Cells on a High Speed Mixer

Process Control

    • On/Off Control vs Proportional Control: Understanding the Differences
    • 7:05
    • On/Off Control vs Proportional Control: Understanding the Differences

Process Valving

    • Overview of the Siemens SIPART PS2
    • 17:46
    • Overview of the Siemens SIPART PS2
    • On/Off Control vs Proportional Control: Understanding the Differences
    • 7:05
    • On/Off Control vs Proportional Control: Understanding the Differences

Recorders and Data Acquisition

    • Honeywell X-Series Recorders: Intro
    • 21:35
    • Lesman University: Intro to Honeywell X-Series Paperless Recorders
    • Honeywell X-Series Trend Screens
    • 4:20
    • Lesman University: Understanding Basic Honeywell X-Series Recorder Trend Screens

Wireless Technology

    • Honeywell Wireless: How is industrial wireless technology being used?
    • 9:49
    • Wireless Technology: Part 1: How is industrial wireless being used?
    • Comparing Honeywell XYR5000 and XYR6000 systems
    • 4:25
    • Wireless Technology: Part 3: Introducing HART Wireless