Our Manufacturer Partners


API: Absolute Process Instruments
Digital Pressure Gauges
Digital Thermometers
Motor Slidewire Controllers
Process Loop Accessories

Acopian Power Supplies
Power Supplies

Ametek Land Instruments
Infrared Thermometers
Infrared Scanners

Ametek US Gauge
Diaphragm Seals
Pressure Gauges
Temperature Transmitters

Anderson Greenwood, a Division of Emerson
Ball and Stem Valves
Block and Bleed Valves
Gauge Valves
Manifold Valves

AquaMetrix by Water Analytics
Analytical Controllers
Analytical Transmitters
Conductivity Cells
pH/ORP Probes

A-T Controls Triac Valves
Ball Valves
Butterfly Valves
Control Valves
Safety Shutoff Valves

Logo: Banner Engineering
Industrial Wireless
I/O Networks

Condition Monitoring
Gas Measurement
Gas Analytics

Bestobell Steam, Bestobell Div Richards Industries
Delta Element
Steam Traps
Industrial and Clean Steam Traps

BW Technologies, a Honeywell Company
Personal Gas Detectors

Logo: Atkins
Digital Thermometers
Handheld Thermocouples

Cosa Instruments
Dewpoint Transmitters
Combustion Analyzers
Stack Gas and Emissions Analyzers

CR Magnetics
Current Indicators
Current Relays
Current Transducers
Voltage Transformers

Dickson Recorders
Butterfly Valves
Check Valves
Control Valves
Knife Gate Valves
Plug Valves
Valve Accessories

Dickson Recorders
Humidity and Temperature Recorders

Differential Pressure Gauges and Switches

Logo: Ebro Armaturen
Flow Control Valves
Shutoff Valves
Actuators and Accessories

Burner Control Systems
Flame Scanners
Flame Sensor Modules

Portable Gas Analyzers
Moisture Analyzers
Lab Gas Analyzers

Oval Gear Flowmeters
Turbine Flowmeters
Transmitters & Indicators

Logo: Honeywell Analytics
Alarm Controllers
Fixed Gas Monitoring
Flame Detection
Portable Gas Detectors
Wireless Gas Detection
Calibration & Test Devices

Logo: Honeywell Eclipse Combustion
Burner Controls
Industrial Burners
Shutoff & Control Valves

Servo Gauges
Radar Tank Level Gauges

Burner and Boiler Controls
Flame Safeguard Systems
Fuel Train Components
Industrial Burners
Modutrol Motors
Valves and Actuators

Burner Control Systems
Flame Safeguard Systems
Gas Train Components

Combustion Control Systems
Flow Control Valves
Industrial Burners
Safety Shutoff Valves

Actuator Motors
Analytical Systems
Loop & Logic Controllers
Hybrid Control Systems
Industrial Wireless
Process Recorders
Smart Transmitters

Portable and Fixed Wireless Gas Detection Systems

Gas Leak Detectors
Mercury Vapor Indicators
Toxic Gas (VOC) Detectors

Eductors and Agitators
Sight Flow Indicators
Sight Glasses
Lighting Accessories

Glass Level Gages
Level Switches
Magnetic Level Gages
Safety Ballcheck Valves

Control Valves
Pressure Regulators
Temperature Regulators
Valve Positioners

Process Refractometers for Liquid Concentrations

Level Switches
Mechanical Flow Switches
Flow Transmitters
Flow Indicators

Control Valves
Pressure Regulators

FRLs and Air Regulators
I/P Transducers
Pressure Gauges

Manual and Automated Ball Valves

HART® Handheld Communicators
Laminar Flow Elements
Modular Calibrators

Backflow Prevention
Test Kits
Differential Pressure Gauges and Switches
Pressure Snubbers and Limiting Valves

Load Cells for
Level by Weight
Batch Processing and Control Software

Personal Gas and Chemical Detection Badges

Thermal Imaging Cameras
Thermal Recording Labels

Ball and Plug Valves
Fittings for Tubing
and Metal Pipe
Thermoplastic Tubing
Tube Working Tools

Gas Sample Conditioning

DC Power Supplies
Isolation Barriers
Wireless I/O Systems

Frequency Signal Calibrators
Process Loop Calibrators
Temperature Signal Calibrators

Alarm Annunciators
Digital Panel Meters
Process Indicators

HART® Modems

Loop-Powered Isolators
Signal Conditioners
Temperature Transmitters

Wire and Accessories

Direct Reading Flowmeters for
Liquids and Gases

Boiler Glass Gages
Level Indicators
Glass Gage Accessories

Bimetallic Industrial Thermometers
Remote Reading Vapor-Actuated Thermometers

Density, Level, Weight, and Radiation Monitoring

Humidity Transmitters
Moisture Analysis Instruments

Brass Tube Fittings
Needle Valves
Nylon Tube Fittings
Plastic Tubing

Air Sampling Pumps
Air Flow Calibrators
Gas Detection Pumps
Gas Sampling Tubes

Knife Gate Valves
and Accessories

Hygienic Service
Ball Valves
Check Valves
Control Valves
Pressure Regulators

Noise Dosimeters
Sound Level Meters
Vibration Analyzers and Dosimeters

Bimetallic, Industrial
and Process Test Thermometers
Pressure Calibrators

Combustion Efficiency and Emissions Monitoring
IAQ, HAVAC, and Ventilation Testing Instruments
Temperature and Heat Stress Monitoring
Software and Accessories

Thermal Mass Flowmeters

Check Valves and Strainers

Air Sampling
Indoor Air Quality
Partuiculate Monitoring
Ventilation Testing

Balometers and
Air Flow Hoods

Environmental Monitors
Heat Stress Monitors
Noise Dosimeters
Sound Level Meters

Valve Positioners

Loop and Limit Controllers
Modular Control Systems
Process Recorders

Flow Elements
Magnetic Level Indicators
Pressure Gauges
Sight Level Gauges
Temperature Transmitters
Tronic Line Pressure Transducers

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