What Customers Had to Say About Lesman

Our customers are busy people, so when they take the time to share how they feel about working with us, we're truly honored. Here you will find testimonials and reviews from our past and current customers.

Whatever you do, get the recorders from Lesman!

"... The recorders need to come from Lesman. I cannot tell you how many times Jim and crew have helped us out of a jam, with programming Setup, math formulas, Acromag setups and parts... The customer service from Jim and crew on the [recorders] is second to none. I can't stress enough how much we are going to need these guys when we start integrating the dryers and sorters into the recorders."

Shared with us from an internal memo at a processing plant customer.

We saved a lot of money by choosing this system.

"The Lesman team, our salesman and the product specialist, offered great support, which made this leap a lot easier than we thought it was going to be. The team anticipated our needs so we didn’t need any help after startup."

From a wastewater customer.

We've worked with Lesman enough to know...

"Having confidence in the product and the local support made all the difference. Buying from Lesman isn’t just about the product — it’s about the after-purchase support, too."

From the project engineer at an oil refinery customer.

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