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Lesman News Update for July 2015

Lesman Training News

Free Training
St. Louis and Milwaukee

Earn CEUs!

Last Chance to Register for
Siemens Level and Flow Training Days

Product specialists from Siemens will be here August 18th and 20th to present free full-day training on level and flow technologies.

They'll be covering these topics and more:

  • Introduction to flow technology, comparing flowmeter technologies
  • Magnetic flowmeters, mass flowmeters, and ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters
  • Ultrasonic technology for open-channel flow — when accuracy counts
  • Point level and mechanical level technologies
  • Comparing ultrasonic and radar technologies for non-contact level — How do you choose
  • Guided wave radar — Level technologies for special applications
  • New and updated for 2015: Siemens ultrasonic, radar and guided wave radar

Tuesday, Aug 18, Greater St. Louis Area: Drury Inn and Suites, Brentwood MO
Thursday, Aug 20, Greater Milwaukee Area: Holiday Inn, Pewaukee WI

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Registration Deadline: Thursday, August 6.

Siemens News

Siemens SITRANS MAG magnetic flowmeters for non-standard pipe configurations
1/2" to 24"
In Stock

Siemens Magnetic Flowmeter Meter Updates

Need your mag meters delivered quickly? No problem!

Siemens is now stocking a variety of models and sizes of SITRANS FM Magflow flowmeters, available to ship to you within 3-5 working days:

  • Mag 3100P flow sensors for chemical and process applications
    1/2" to 12" sizes, 150# CS flanges, PTFE liner, Hastelloy C-276 electrodes
  • Mag 5100W flow sensors for water and wastewater applications
    1" to 24" sizes, Ebonite lined sensor, 150# CS flange, Hastelloy C-276 electrodes
  • Mag 8000W battery-powered water flowmeters with integral transmitter
    3" to 12" sizes, 150# CS flange, EPDM Liner and Hastelloy or SS electrodes
  • Mag 5000 and Mag 6000 integral or remote-mount transmitter electronics

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The end of costly
piping modifications
for mag meters!

Last month, we explained how Siemens FM magnetic flowmeters have been tested to work accurately, even without the standard installation distances of five diameters upstream and two downstream on a straight run pipe.

Our product specialist, Dan Weise, covered this in our July webinar, which you can watch in full in the Lesman training center.

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See Siemens test results using the Mag 5100W meters.

United Electric Controls News

UE One Series Safety Transmitter family

SFF = 98.8%!
SIL2, SIL3 Certified
Prices Start at $795!


SIL-Rated Safety Transmitters from UE

United Electric's new SIL-rated One Series safety transmitters are designed specifically for enhanced process and equipment protection and fast response in emergency situations.

These new combination transmitter/switches feature "I Am Working" sensor diagnostics with redundant data processing detect open, shorted, and plugged sensing elements. Discrete outputs provide a fail-safe (open) emergency shutdown when a fault is detected. And programmable high-capacity solid-state safety relay outputs enable the fastest emergency shutdowns.

  • Pressure ranges: -14.7 to 30 PSIG to 0-6000 PSIG
    Differential pressure ranges: 0-5 to 0-200 PSID
    Temperature ranges:-40° to 450°, 900° or 1000° F or -300° to 200° F
  • Explosion-proof, flameproof approvals for Class I, Groups A-D, Class II, Groups E-G, Class III, and Class I, Zone 1
  • 4-20 mA analog output compliant to NAMUR NE 43
  • User-configured safety relay output, adjustable over entire sensor range
  • Configurable "I Am Working" self-diagnostics and solid state electronics
  • Certified for SIL-2 and SIL-3 applications

Visit our website to get full specifications, dimensional and wiring diagrams, plus user and safety manuals.

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Available Now from Honeywell

Honeywell DR Graphic Advanced Paperless Recorder
Get immediate notifications. DR Graphic sends you email or text messages on alarm.

Industrial Internet of Things Available Today!

Web-enabled recorders put legacy sensor data wherever you need it!

Honeywell's latest addition to their paperless process recorder line is designed specifically as a direct drop-in replacement for your large format (10" or 12.1") circular chart recorders. It has the same 12.7" square panel cutout and 5.46" instrument depth as Partlow, ABB, and Honeywell DR series circular chart recorders, but it provides far more information and functionality.

The Honeywell DR Graphic recorder, shipping soon, supports up to 16 input channels with up to 12 digital inputs and four auxiliary outputs, and comes with Ethernet connectivity, web viewing, and Modbus communications to integrate to your plant network.

The Honeywell DR gives you the ability to see more than a circular chart, with room for digital data, trend and bargraph on its 12.1" color display.

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In Stock at Lesman

In Stock
Products In Stock at Lesman

You Need It? Get It from Lesman Stock!

Time is money; and waiting for product from the factory or calling all over trying to find what you need are avoidable hassles. Save yourself the headache and make Lesman your first call for:

Lesman Online Training

Free Training
Watch the videos

40+ Hours of Free Video Training

Are you short on training budget and time? Need to get your newer staff up to speed on technology and instrumentation? Over the last several years, Lesman has been producing webinars on much-needed topics, to help our customers make the most out of their instrumentation. And all of our webinars are available online, free to watch anytime you need them.

View these popular topics and more:

Visit the Lesman Training Center for a complete list of available recordings.

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