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Lesman News Update for February 2015

Siemens Flow Products

Siemens Verificator for Magflo

Verifying Flowmeter Operation and Accuracy

Need to make sure your magmeters are functioning properly? It only takes 15 minutes to validate the performance of your Siemens Magflo electronic flowmeters — and you don't even have to stop flow to get the job done.

Siemens SITRANS FM Verificator checks the operating condition of your flowmeter, and makes sure that it's functioning within specification. The fully automated test checks the transmitter, the insulation, and the integrity of the electromagnets.

It can be used with MAG 1100, 1100F, 5100W 3100, and 3100P sensors plus MAG 5000 and MAG 6000 transmitters.

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Watch a video of the Verificator in action.

In Stock at Lesman

Honeywell smart transmitters in stock

Stock Transmitters and Seals Reduce Downtime

A couple weeks ago on a Saturday, one of our process customers called with an emergency. Part of their operation includes monitoring pressure in a vessel that processes toxic materials for safe disposal, and their existing transmitter was failing. Without this process, their entire operation has to stop, and there's no work-around.

They needed a pressure transmitter with a chemical seal (to protect it from the harsh materials), and they needed it fast. Our team was able to assemble a Honeywell smart transmitter with a diaphragm seal, and get the assembly out the door for next-day delivery. The customer's downtime was minimal, and they were back in operation that Monday.

When you're in a rush, look to Lesman to deliver. We can provide next-day delivery on these Honeywell SmartLine smart transmitters:

  • In-line gauge pressure: 0.5 to 50 PSI, 5 to 500 PSI, and 30 to 3000 PSI
  • Differential pressure: 0.1" to 10" or 4" to 400" WC, 1 to 100 or 30 to 3000 PSI
  • Hydrostatic pressure for level applications: 4" to 400" WC
  • Temperature: Universal input, digital accuracy 0.1°C

Assembled and filled with your choice of welded, clamped, and sanitary diaphragm seals and the appropriate fill fluid for your application.

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Do you need a chemical seal on your switch, gauge or transmitter? See our explanation about seal applications and selection tips

In Stock
Products In Stock at Lesman

You Need It? Get It from Lesman Stock!

Time is money; and waiting for product from the factory or calling all over trying to find what you need are avoidable hassles. Save yourself the headache and make Lesman your first call for:

New from United Electric Controls

UE One Series Safety Transmitter family

SFF = 98.8%!
Prices Start at $795!


SIL-Rated Safety Transmitters from UE

United Electric's new SIL-rated One Series safety transmitters are designed specifically for enhanced process and equipment protection and fast response in emergency situations.

These new combination transmitter/switches feature "I Am Working" sensor diagnostics with redundant data processing detect open, shorted, and plugged sensing elements. Discrete outputs provide a fail-safe (open) emergency shutdown when a fault is detected. And programmable high-capacity solid-state safety relay outputs enable the fastest emergency shutdowns.

  • Pressure ranges: -14.7 to 30 PSIG to 0-6000 PSIG
    Differential pressure ranges: 0-5 to 0-200 PSID
    Temperature ranges:-40° to 450°, 900° or 1000° F or -300° to 200° F
  • Explosion-proof, flameproof approvals for Class I, Groups A-D, Class II, Groups E-G, Class III, and Class I, Zone 1
  • 4-20 mA analog output compliant to NAMUR NE 43
  • User-configured safety relay output, adjustable over entire sensor range
  • Configurable "I Am Working" self-diagnostics and solid state electronics
  • Certified for SIL-2 and SIL-3 applications

Visit our website to get full specifications, dimensional and wiring diagrams, plus user and safety manuals.

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Lesman Training News

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Free Webinar:
Hygienic Load Cells for Level by Weight

Join us this Thursday for the second part of our series, Hygienic Inventory Management Basics for Liquids and Solids, as Frank Hovie of Sartorius talks about the difficulties of measuring product in the hygienic applications of the food and beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries

In our next 45-minute webinar, thus Thursday, February 26, Frank will cover:

  • Special concerns of measurements in hygienic applications
  • Sanitary approvals and their implications
  • Cleanability and maintenance
  • Best practices for optimal measurement performance
  • Your questions answered: Live Q&A

Thursday, February 26, 9:00am Central (10:00am Eastern)

Please join us for the webinar. Or, if you're already booked then, register anyway and we'll let you know when the recording is posted to our website.

Click here to view the video

Did you miss the first part of this series? Watch the recorded webinar
"Non-Contact, Through-Air Hygienic Level Measurement" at your convenience.

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