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Lesman News Update for September 2014

New from Siemens

Siemens SITRANS LR250 radar transmitters

2" Minimum Measuring Range from End of Antenna — Use more tank for your process!

New radar level transmitter for hygienic processes

In the last year, Siemens expanded its two-wire SITRANS LR250 radar transmitter to include a standard horn antenna version, a PVDF antenna model for corrosive and aggressive media, and a flanged encapsulated antenna for use in chemical and sanitary environments.

Now, Siemens has done it again, adding a hygienic encapsulated antenna transmitter for hygienic and sanitary applications in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical industries. It features:

  • A flush-mounted lens antenna that reduces material buildup, great for clean-in-place applications
  • Requires just a 2" minimum measuring range from end of antenna to measure level – Lets you maximize the use of your tank
  • Popular hygienic mount variations to fit your process — as small as 2" sizes: ISO 2852 sanitary Tri-clamp, Aseptic/hygienic nozzle/slotted nut, flange, or clamps, Tuchenhagen Varivent types F and N
  • EHEDG (EL Class 1 and EL Class 1 Aseptic), 3A certifications, plus FDA and USP Class VI-approved materials
  • Great for smaller process tanks in food, pharmaceutical and beverage applications

All LR250 models comply with IEC 61508/61511 standards for functional safety (SIL 2) and come standard with HART communications for easy programming and monitoring, plus Siemens auto false echo suppression and Process Intelligence signal processing for improved measurement reliability.

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New from LowFlow

LowFlow JBDL and JRHF pressure and back pressure regulators  

New Low-Droop Regulators from LowFlow

LowFlow has expanded its J-series line of stainless steel low-droop regulators with two new models. They're designed for use with gases and liquids in processes where high flows and low pressures are required. Both offer stainless steel bodies and soft seats in diaphragm-operated balanced trim designs.

JBDL Back Pressure Regulator (left)

  • 1200 PSI maximum inlet
  • 1/2" size with Cv 1.95
  • 316L stainless steel wetted parts, KEL-F soft seat
  • Maximum pressure drop: 400 PSID max
  • Class VI shutoff

JRHF Pressure Reducing Valve (right)

  • 230 PSI maximum inlet
  • 1/2" size with Cv 1.5
    3/4" or 1" sizes with Cv 1.9
  • 316L stainless steel wetted parts, PTFE soft seat
  • Class VI shutoff

Get full specifications and installation instructions on LowFlow products.

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In Stock at Lesman

Siemens Milltronics products in stock at Lesman

Now In Stock at Lesman!

When your process is down, or instruments fail and need to be replaced in a hurry, the last thing you want to hear is "The lead time on that order is..."

That's why Lesman is now stocking popular configurations of critical level devices, so you can get your process back on line in a hurry.

Here are the Siemens level units you can expect to find in stock at Lesman, ready to ship to you the same day.

  • Siemens Milltronics "The Probe" continuous ultrasonic level transmitters
    CE approved, loop powered, 10-foot or 16-foot measuring range
  • Siemens Pointek ULS200 ultrasonic point level transmitters
    AC power, relay output, FM approved, polycarbonate housing
  • Siemens Pointek CLS200 capacitance point level transmitters
    4.75" rod with general purpose approval
    4.75" rod, 9.84" rod, or 19.69" rod, FM approved for Class I, Div 1

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In a hurry for replacements? Call our sales team today. And watch your mail for more. Two new Lesman publications are heading your way with all the details.

Lesman Training News

UE One Series Safety Transmitter family

Free Webinar: Safety Systems 102
Safety Instrumented System Sensors

What is the difference between SIL 1 vs. SIL 2 vs. SIL 3? What do I need to build a safety instrumented system in my plant? If all my instruments are SIL-compliant, does that mean my process system is safe?

Late last year, Honeywell's Bob Stahl spoke to our customers about controls and logic solvers in Safety Instrumented Systems. With the release of United Electric's new One Series Safety Transmitters, we're diving further by discussing SIS sensors and their role in safety systems.

In our October webinar, UE's Scott Pierce will demonstrate a common-sense solution to complying with SIL2 applications, along with a low total cost solution for alarms and shutdown in basic process control systems!

His 45-minute webinar on the facts vs fiction of SIL 2 certification will cover these topics and more:

  • What's a Safety Instrumented System and why is it required?
  • Why are independent safety systems important?
  • What do the industry standards (IEC 61511 and 61508) mean to me?
  • What are Safety Integrity Levels?
  • Your questions answered: Live Q&A

Thursday, October 23, 9:00am Central (10:00am Eastern)

Please join us for the webinar. Or, if you're already booked then, register anyway and we'll let you know when the recording is posted to our website.

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Limited to first 100 registrants.

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Free Training

40 Hours of Free Video Training

Are you short on training budget and time? Need to get your newer staff up to speed on technology and instrumentation? Over the last several years, Lesman has been producing webinars on much-needed topics, to help our customers make the most out of their instrumentation. And all of our webinars are available online, free to watch anytime you need them.

View these popular topics and more:

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