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Lesman News Update for June 2014

New from WIKA

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WIKA Gauges in Stock at Lesman

It may be cliche, but it's true: Time is money.

That's why we've expanded our stock offering of WIKA general industrial and process gauges: So when you can't afford to wait, they're available. Place your orders for in-stock WIKA gauges, and they'll ship the same day. And since most of our customers are within a next-day zone for UPS Ground, they can be at your door within 24 hours.

Popular ranges of these models are in stock at Lesman:

  • 212.53 2.5" general service stainless steel case pressure gauge*
  • 213.53 2.5" liquid-filled general service stainless steel case pressure gauge
  • 232.34 4.5" dial plastic case process gauge
  • 232.54 4.5" dial stainless steel case process gauge

* Coming soon to our online store

Need a liquid fill? A chemical seal? Our team can help. Using vacuum chamber technology, we can ensure consistently perfect fills and highest possible gauge accuracy. We'll even help you pick the right seal and gauge for your application. Want to learn more? Read about our vacuum chamber technology and chemical seal assembly service.

See our full offering of WIKA dry and liquid-filled pressure gauges, and place your orders through our secure online store.

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Combustion News

Recycle your old combustion products

Free Flame Safety Device Disposal Service

In an effort to participate as a Community Green Neighbor and Partner, Lesman is service as a collection point for the transfer and disposal of discarded flame safety sensors, scanners, and controllers.

This includes anything from infrared flame detectors with lead sulfide and photocell detectors with silicon and cesium oxide to argon/helium gas fill and silicone dioxide components in UV flame detectors and scanners, and any non-ROHS lead solder in scanners and flame safeguard controls.

Here’s a short (non-exclusive) list of the types of devices that should be returned to Lesman for safe disposal. If your exact model isn’t listed, send it in anyway, and we’ll make sure it’s disposed of properly.

  • Honeywell C7015A infrared detectors
  • Fireye C9502N photocell detectors
  • Honeywell C7003A photocell detectors
  • Honeywell C7027A, C7035A, C7044A, C7076A/D MiniPeeper UV flame detectors
  • Honeywell C7012A, C, E, and F Purple Peeper UV flame detectors
  • Fireye C9701A, C9707A, C9701N, C95606M UV flame scanners
  • Any model Honeywell, Fireye, PCI, or Kromschroder scanner or flame safeguard controller

To take advantage of this no-charge service, just send your retired flame safety devices to Lesman, 135 Bernice Dr, Bensenville IL 60106, Attention: Green Disposal.

Lesman Training News

Lesman University

Free Training

Grab the Last Seats for Siemens Level/Flow Class

Found an opening in your schedule this week? It's not too late to join us for Siemens Level and Flow Technology classes, tomorrow and Thursday.

Our Siemens instructors will cover magnetic, mass, and ultrasonic flowmeters, point level, mechanical level, and ultrasonic, radar, and guided wave radar for continuous level applications.

All course materials and lunch provided by Lesman.

See our website for the full agenda and registration information.

Tuesday, June 10, 8:30am to 4:30pm: River Forest Country Club, Elmhurst IL
Thursday, June 12, 8:30am to 4:30pm: Cambria Suites, Noblesville IN

Click here to register

Last-minute seats still available.

Siemens SITRANS FC410 coriolis flowmeter for tight spaces

Webinar: Mass Flow 101

Please join next Tuesday, June 17, at 9am central time, as Siemens' Eric Heilveil presents Mass Flow 101.

In this free 45-minute webinar, Eric will explain how mass flowmeters operation, applications for mass flow, the differences between volumetric flow and mass flow, why you'd use coriolis flow sensors, and recent improvements in coriolis. The session will end with a live Q&A.

Click here to register
Limited to first 100 registrants.

See what other training is available. Visit the Lesman Training Center.

Lesman Training News

Lesman University

40 Hours of Free Video Training

Are you short on training budget and time? Need to get your newer staff up to speed on technology and instrumentation? Over the last several years, Lesman has been producing webinars on much-needed topics, to help our customers make the most out of their instrumentation. And all of our webinars are available online, free to watch anytime you need them.

Past sessions have covered everything from pressure, temperature, level, and flow measurement, control, and communications to process valving, combustion control, and safety instrumented systems.

View these popular topics and more:

Visit the Lesman Training Center for a complete list of available recordings.

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