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Lesman News Update for July 2013

From the Lesman Training Center

CLS200 with Plah Doh buildup on sensor

Siemens Capacitance Probes Reduce Build-Up

There's little you can do about preventing build-up on a capacitance point level sensor. It happens. The trick is finding the capacitance device that keeps working, even when the sensor tip has material build-up.

In his latest demonstration video, Lesman's Dan Weise shows you how a Siemens CLS series capacitance sensor continues to operate effectively, even when the sensor tip is covered.

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New Whitepaper Available

United Electric Switches

Are Switches Still Relevant?

Learn more about using electromechanical and solid state switches to protect your process equipment and control systems from damage.

In Are Switches Still Relevant, Wil Chin looks at using traditional electromechnical switches for critical equipment protection and non-critical control applications, and the SIL-2 qualified One Series switches for safety system applications.

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Lesman Training News

Lesman University

Upcoming Webinars and Classroom Training

Our training calendar is filling up fast, with a variety of topics to help you get the most from the products you buy from Lesman.

  • Free one-hour webinars
    September 2013:
    Prevent Cyber-Security Hacking with Instrumentation with Wil Chin of United Electric Controls
  • Hands-on course at the Lesman Training Center, Bensenville IL
    October 7-11, 2013: Honeywell HC900 Controller and 900 Control Station Implementation. Live lab training for application engineers and system developers with Honeywell HC900 specialists, Bob Stahl and Felix Widmer.
    (Course price: $2740. Class Size: 15.)
  • One-Day Course at the Lesman Training Center, Bensenville IL
    Learn more about pH measurement with Honeywell's Jorgi Day. Full details to come.
    October 29, 2013: pH Measurement in Power Plant Applications
    October 31, 2013: pH Measurement in Process Applications

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