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Lesman News Update for May 2013

Cost Savings from Honeywell

Honeywell product offering

10% Equipment Trade-In Discount

If you're currently considering upgrading your process instruments or adding new installations, don't forget to take advantage of Honeywell's 2013 trade-in program.

When you trade in a competitive brand's pressure, temperature or wireless transmitter, paper or paperless recorder, analytical sensor or transmitter, loop controller, smart actuator, or hybrid controller, you qualify for a 10% discount from Honeywell.

Talk to your Lesman account manager to upgrade and save!

New from Honeywell

Honeywell SmartLine ST800 series modular smart transmitters for pressure

New Honeywell Smart Transmitters

Honeywell’s new SmartLine ST700 and ST800 pressure transmitter lines are replacing the existing ST3000 100 and 900 series. If you’re using ST3000 100 series transmitters, you’ll be looking at the ST800 for future units. If you’re using the ST3000 900 series, the ST700 will be your better fit.

These new smart transmitters for absolute, gauge, and differential pressure feature best-in-class stability, high accuracy, fast response times, turndowns to 400:1, programmable graphic displays and local configuration, SIL2 and SIL3 compliance standard, and a full range of diagnostic tools built in.

Here's how the new models stack up against the older versions:

Higher Performance General Performance
ST800 ST3000 100 ST700 ST3000 900
Accuracy ±0.0375% standard ±0.025% optional ±0.0375% digital mode ±0.0525% analog ±0.05% ±0.0625% digital mode ±0.075% analog
Speed of Response 80 ms 330 ms 100 ms 330 ms
Stability ±0.01% URL per year for 10 years ±0.01% URL per year for lifetime ±0.02% URL per year for 5 years ±0.01% URL per year

If you're already a Honeywell smart transmitter user, your current models are still supported, but will be retired over the next two years. For improved performance, replacements, and system expansions, look to the new SmartLine ST800 series.

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Now Available from Lesman

Siemens SITRANS FM Mag 6000I and Mag 3100 for FM Class 1 Div 1 locations

Siemens Industry IncMagmeters for Class 1, Div 1 Use

Siemens SITRANS FM MAG6000i Ex magnetic flow transmitter is designed to withstand the harsh environments of the process industry.

The die-cast aluminum housing with 1/2" NPT conduit, cord grip, or cable gland thread can be used for remote installations or mounted to a SITRANS FM MAG3100 series sensor (in sizes 1/2" to 12").

Models are available with either FM Class 1, Division 1, Groups A-D approval or Class 1, Zone 1 AEx d e [ia] ia /IIC/T3-T6 approval.

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Lesman Training News

Lesman University

Free Training

Don't Miss Siemens Level and Flow Training

Join us in June when Siemens' product specialists present free full-day training on level and flow technology exclusively for Lesman customers.

They'll be covering these topics and more:

  • Introduction to flow technology, comparing flowmeter technologies
  • Magnetic flowmeter technology and applications
  • Mass flowmeter technology and applications
  • Point level and mechanical level technologies
  • Understanding ultrasonic level
  • Radar level for liquids and solids measurements

Schedule: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (lunch included)
Tuesday, June 11: White Pines Golf Club, Bensenville IL
Wednesday, June 12: Hilton Garden Inn, Milwaukee WI

Next year, we'll be offering this class in the St. Louis and Indianapolis areas.
To be sure you get an invitation, join our exclusive invite list.


Did you miss a webinar?

Every month, Lesman hosts a free webinar for customers, focusing on different process technologies. If you missed a session that you wanted to attend, you can always watch the recordings online through Lesman.com.

So far in 2013, we've covered these topics:

Visit the Lesman Training Center for a complete list of available recordings.

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