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Lesman News Update for April 2013

Lesman Training News

Lesman University

Free Training!

Siemens Level and Flow Technology Training

Mark your calendars! In June, product specialists from Siemens will be here to present free full-day training sessions on level and flow technology exclusively for Lesman customers.

They'll be covering these topics and more:

  • Introduction to flow technology, comparing flowmeter technologies
  • Magnetic flowmeters, mass flowmeters, and ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters
  • Using differential pressure technology for flow measurement
  • Ultrasonic technology for open-channel flow
  • Point level and mechanical level technologies
  • Understanding ultrasonics and non-contact level
  • Radar level for liquids and solids measurements
  • Siemens ultrasonic level product offering

Tuesday, June 11: Lesman Training Center, Bensenville IL
Wednesday, June 12: Lesman Training Center, Butler WI

Next year, we'll be offering this class in the St. Louis and Indianapolis areas.
To be sure you get an invitation, join our exclusive invite list.

New from Jordan Valves

Jordan Valves

Mark 688 Pressure Regulator for Tank Blanketing

Jordan Valves Mark 688 Piloted Soft Seat Tank Blanketing Pressure Regulator Designed to provide accurate control on very low pressure tank blanketing operations, the pilot-operated Mark 688 accurately regulates pressure down to 1"WC.

The Mark 688 combines three proven Jordan Valve products into a single assembly: a Mark 68G pressure conditioning regulator, a Mark 608P pilot valve, and a Mark 78 globe-style diaphragm control valve.

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Now Available from Lesman

A-T Controls butterfly valves

Quick-Delivery Butterfly Valves

A-T ControlsGet 2" to 24" wafer-style or lug-style manual or automated butterfly valves immediately from factory stock, delivered in a week or sooner.

These durable valves are designed to comply with MSS-SP-67 and API-609, tested to API-598 standards, and can be provided with a variety of materials, so you can get the valve that best fits your application.

Just released: High performance butterfly valves for higher temperatures and pressures, with durable Teflon seats and long-life double offset design.

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