Siemens' SITRANS LUT400 controller solves your ultrasonic level headaches!

Seeing is believing, so Siemens has prepared these short videos to show you how easy it is to install, wire, and set up the SITRANS LUT400. One device solves so many of ultrasonic's most common problems.

  1. Introducing the SITRANS LUT400
  2. SITRANS LUT400 new flexible mounting design
    See how quickly and easily you can mount the LUT400.
  3. SITRANS LUT400 easy wiring terminals
    Installing wiring or changing wiring is a snap!
  4. SITRANS LUT400 level application quick-start wizard
    No P-xxx codes needed! Follow simple English prompts and menus to configure your controller
  5. Using the SITRANS LUT400 for open channel flow monitoring
    You asked for better measurement accuracy and on-board data storage for open channel flow — Siemens made it happen!

See the Siemens SITRANS LUT400 in action!


Want to learn more? Click for LUT400 brochure, specifications, and manuals.