Solving your ultrasonic measurement problems

Ultrasonic tank level sensors

Whether your problems are caused by bad echo profiles, configuration issues, VFDs and electrical noise, wiring and mounting, or troubleshooting, there may be a simple solution.

If you are willing to give our technical specialist 15 minutes of your time, he'll be able to tell you.

It may be that you could get more performance out of your existing ultrasonic system. If that's the case, he'll be glad to show you. Your issues may be caused by something as basic as a poorly-placed sensor, or a single missed setting in your electronics.

Siemens SITRANS LUT400 single point ultrasonic level controllerMaybe the way to cure your problem is through upgrading your system to use the latest Siemens ultrasonic level controller, the SITRANS LUT400. If so, our specialist will talk you through the totally redesigned instrument that makes system mounting, configuration, and day-to-day operations easier for engineers, operators, and maintenance teams.


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Suppressing false echoes from tank obstructions
Hard-to-use configuration tools
Loss-of-echo issues from VFDs and electrical noise
Mounting and wiring problems
Troubleshooting without usable diagnostic tools
Open channel flow accuracy issues
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No time to talk right now? Check out the new Siemens SITRANS LUT400.
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