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New maintenance-free radar provides accurate level measurement for dry solids

Siemens SITRANS LR560 high-frequency loop-powered radar transmitter for continuous solids level measurement

Getting an accurate level measurement on dry solids has always been problematic. Dusty materials block the sensor from seeing true levels, tank fill and withdrawal lead to loss-of-signal issues, and angles of repose cause their own type of mathematical headaches.

Until now... Siemens SITRANS LR560 was designed specifically to solve the problems inherent to measuring dry solids.

  • 78GHz frequency allows for narrow 4° beam width
  • Virtually unaffected by dust, vapor, pressure, or temperature
  • Installs almost anywhere on top of a silo, and can even measure cone area
  • Short wavelength for excellent reflection, even on highly sloped surfaces
  • Lens antenna with built-in air purge feature resists material and dust build-up
  • 2.5" antenna fits into almost any tank opening or nozzle

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If, at that time, you think the LR560 could be the right solution for your solids level application, we'll talk in more detail about it. If it's not, we'll move on.

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