New WIKA program helps ensure plant safety, productivity, and profitability

25% of mechanical instruments in a typical processing plant have failed or are about to fail, leading to millions of dollars in OSHA accident reporting costs and up to $150 million per year in productivity and profitability.

In response to these findings, WIKA has introduced the Full Service Audit Team (FAST) five-step program, to help ensure your instruments are working properly, and that your inventory of spares is ready for replacement without causing costly downtime.

Watch this three-minute video to learn more.

WIKA FAST brochure

How does it all work?

One affordable program provides you:

  • Instrument audit helps you put the right gauge into your application and reduce the possiblity of safety issues
  • Turnaround planning to standardize your instruments and spares, to reduce downtime and unnecessary carrying costs
  • Failure analysis: WIKA engineers will look at your failed gauges, conduct a root cause analysis, and recommend a solution to prevent future instrument failures
  • Safety training for your team, to help identify early signs of failure during routine instrument evaluations.

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